Movie review: The Scorch Trials


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Me: Are you excited?
Sister: I’m so excited I can’t wait to see what they did to it!

The maze was only the beginning of Thomas and his friends’ journey and The Scorch Trials is their phase two. Trials that would test each and one of them their loyalty to one another and their journey going to the safe haven. Well, at least, that’s what’s IN the book.

The movie was really great! The effects were amazing, especially the scene where Thomas and his friends was chased by the thunderstorm, like in the book, it was really intense. But again, what Wes Ball did for the movie, was such an epic fail for the 2nd time. He totally changed everything like what he did in the 1st movie and I can’t understand why? Is that so hard to just stick with what’s in the book and put it in visual? Unlike The Hunger Games series it was portrayed perfectly like even a small detail in the book was included in the movie like it was copy and paste, perfect! But The Maze Runner movies, what the F just happened? Is this Wes Ball’s 1st ever movie he directed? And James Dashner, the author agreed to it? I am a big fan and this is one of my favourite books, but what Wes Ball did in the movie? Nah. The Gladers secretly tattooed on the back of their necks with the information clearly identifying them as WICKED test subjects and their title, but in the movie, although they have a tattoo, well just Thomas it still didn’t indicate the title “to be killed by group B” and what pisses me off was that through the entire movie they didn’t put the “Trials” this is what the book was all about, well at least! AND Teresa was with them throughout the entire movie. It must be all an act, a test. The changes really bothers me! All I did in the cinema was to rant about the confusing storyline differences. In the movie, they made Teresa the bad guy which is in the book she was just ordered to betray Thomas and if she didn’t abide they will kill him and she doesn’t want that to happen because she loves him IT was all A TRIAL, IT WAS ALL AN ACT! And the thing about the cranks was wrong! You won’t get turned if the cranks bite you because in the book they’re all infected unless you are immune. And where are the other “TRIALS” in the movie? They totally changed everything. The ending is so fucked up, it’s unbelievable. I don’t know how to explain it, but something is missing from the pages to the screen. The whole movie was a big WHAT THE FUCK! I will never like the film adaptation. And now I have a feeling that Teresa would totally be going on the side of the WICKED in the MOVIE THE DEATH CURE. So wrong!! I wonder what would be The Death Cure would turn out!

don’t stop blogging


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So it’s time for me to get back on track, start blogging again and tell you a little bit of a story of what’s been happening to my life for the past months plus I don’t want my “blog name” go to waste just like that because I haven’t been online and blog much. So first of, I’ve been thinking lots and trying to come up with what should I post first and that, but unfortunately, my laptop’s been a bitch, have to repair it and waited for 1 month and half just to get it back and also I’ve been struggling to find and have a new job so there was a little struggle for me to keep up with my blog. But oh well, here’s the great story though, last May15-18 I went to Thailand and explore Bangkok. The country is incredible and I had a lot of fun. I’ve learned so much about the country and its people and met some new friends along the way. Thai people are very friendly,helpful and always smiling. Well, I guess that’s the reason of it being called the “Land of Smiles”. I didn’t checked in a luxury hotel but instead checked in a 3 star hotel called Pratunam Pavilion Hotel where the place have an easy access to get to the shopping malls, like the Pratunam Mall. Also street foods/markets and more interaction with the locals. And although outside the hotel wasn’t really good like what surrounds the luxury hotels, the environment was full of energy, lightning, Thai spas, shopping malls/street malls in short, the place is really lively they even called the place I stayed in “Little India” and I would say that it was smart to stay in that hotel, very affordable and I had a really great time indeed. During my stay, of course I wouldn’t miss it for the world without riding a tuktuk, it was amazing riding one of their transportation, it was hell of a ride or maybe only because my tuktuk driver was really in his adrenaline rush mode but it was incredible. I even took the BTS or Bangkok Sky train from Siam station going to Victory Monument just only to experience it and more exploring to do and it was really fun. 2nd day of my stay, I went to the Grand Palace Bangkok, the place was breath-takingly beautiful. The massive Buddhas was amazing and really beautiful especially when it shines in the sun, also went to the world’s largest gem store, Gems Gallery Bangkok and lastly to some best-selling food stop where I bought lots of Thai delicacies. On my 3rd day, I went to Chang Puak Camp (elephant village), floating market (I forgot what the place called though) but there, I experienced their so called “James Bond speedboat” where the driver makes some exhibition or like a trick show while we’re on the ride. It was fun riding it seeing more locals and old pharmacies along the river. Also went to the Samphran Elephant Ground and Zoo. Going there though took a lot of travel time so it was kind of boring to me during the whole road trip but getting to those places blew me away. It was extraordinary and was my first time to see an elephant and tiger face to face and I even got to hug and take pictures with them. It was huge and very beautiful and well… stinky too and their poops are so massive haha but that was a very memorable experience ever. I also went and saw the must seen show called the crocodile show which was very intense I thought I’m going to have a heart attack. The performers put their heads inside of the crocodile’s mouth and do some tricks. Luckily, the crocs are all well trained because it looks like they are mannequins it won’t move unless the performers move them or poke a stick. And on the last day of my stay, I did some last minute shopping and bon voyage going back to Manila! The whole trip was definitely one of the best experience I’ve ever had and I wish I could go back and see the smiling faces again. Thailand is one of the best country in the world!

On The Road Again Tour 2015


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(Photo credit by my friend Krystal: @xkrxsssy)


1D! 1D! 1D! 1D! 1D!
This is what you will hear when the production and promoters announced that the hottest British-Irish boyband of today’s generation, One Direction is finally coming for their On The Road Again Tour concert in Manila. During the day of selling the tickets last year, Filipino Directioners lined up already even camped out, and as quick as the tornado tickets were already sold out. This is what the effect of One Direction to all the Filipino Directioners.

And last weekend, the boys of One Direction’s Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson has finally come for the first time in the Philippines to perform their On The Road Again Tour 2 days concert. Although it was sad because the boys is missing one member, Zayn Malik who signed off due to so much stressed, the show goes on and they sealed the hearts of Filipinos as they performed live at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds in Pasay City on Saturday, Day 1 March 21 and Sunday, Day 2 March 22 for the On The Road Again Tour 2015.

The boys gave their fans a night to remember a “post concert depression” despite of all the controversies before the show was started. Though its sorta sad and disappointing, Filipinos crowded to the venue as they are eager to scream loud and cheer for the boys.

The gates opened at 5pm, with flocked of fans rushing to their seats, screaming their favorite members’ names out loud. Even member Zayn Malik, who returned to the UK due to so much stressed was included in the screaming and fangirling. But it was drizzling out, but they didn’t care. This was One Direction. The Effect. This was it, rain or shine, they had to see them.

And before the show starts Malaysian DJ KC served as the opening act for the boys, and had the fans pumped up and on their feet. And finally the time comes and every single directioner screamed their hearts out when the intro played then followed by the boys opening song “Clouds” and performed other hits including
•Steal My Girl
•Little Black Dress
•Where Do Broken Hearts Go
•Midnight Memories
•Kiss You
•Stockholm Syndrome
•Ready To Run
•Better Than Words
•Don’t Forget Where You Belong
•Little Things
•Night Changes
•One Thing
•Through The Dark
•Girl Almighty
•Story of my Life
•You and I
•Little White Lies
and the most popular “What Makes You Beautiful.”

“Best Song Ever” from Midnight Memories closed the first and second night of the On The Road Again Tour Manila followed by one of a kind fireworks with shaped hearts.

It was an extremely wild night for Filipino Directioners everywhere as they sang their hearts out with One Direction members Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson and wished and hoped as Niall said that “we will see you soon” hopefully with Zayn Malik as One Direction.

And here are some of the photos of the On The Road Again Tour Live in Manila concert courtesy of Ovation Productions, Spinnr Philippines, Manila Concert Scene, MadHouseMNL and other sources:













Book Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


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While I was reading the book the entire time I was all like “Eh, another love story with sex, kissing… Like Fifty Shades of Grey but teenier version and without the BDSM aspect. But yeah sure I keep on reading it” in my head. But this book is worth your time to read.

Words to describe this book:
This kind of book is worth some stars. I guarantee you that once you started reading it you don’t want to close and put it down because every chapter is intriguing, full of mystery, and you just want to continue reading it and find it out. This is not like the other books that I read, like “Yeah, I know what’s gonna happen at the end of the book” but no, every words, scenes from all the chapters will make you intrested to find out more on what’s gonna happen next and once you found out, you will fell in love with it. It’s very heartbreaking and you will definetely keep this book.

I like it that in this book the POV of the main two characters, Miles and Tate is connected to the previous chapters (well it should be) it’s totally moving. You know that there is something up between the two minds of the characters. Miles who’s afraid of loving someone again because of what happened to his past and Tate who’s trying to figure out about him and that’s why she’s willing, agreeing to his rules (which is: don’t ask about the past and never expects a future. Just casual sex, friends with benefits) and doesn’t want to give up to the only one love she thought she never experience with someone else before. It’s interesting how these two minds connect throughout the story by interacting with each other physically (because they are really attracted to each other) and how they realized that they both want more, that they really need each other and how they are trying to solve “how” despite of what happen to Miles terrible past. It’s crazy because they both really want more from each other but Miles’ past holds the willing to admit it and Tate is trying her best to not show him she’s really hurt (well, because of Miles’ rules) and she’s all like “Hey, tell me everything that’s happened I will sacrifice my feelings for you because I love you so much so please let me in”. Until Miles goes back to his past (because he’s being guilty now and he just don’t know what to do anymore with Tate… He is falling for her too) and then finally moved on because he finally realized that it’s only his past that’s holding him back to love someone again and that he also deserves to be happy with life and he found that happiness again with Tate and that’s what happened at the end of the book. A happy ending.

Ok, I don’t know much about relationship because I never had a serious one before but I know what love is and it’s a very dangerous and scary thing to do, but for me, what are the things you are willing to do for the sake of love? How much pain can you take for the sake of love? How many sacrifices are you willing to take and give for the sake of love? Me? Everything. Why? Because of love I became stupid. Because of love I let myself hurt by someone who didn’t love me back. Because of love I lower my pride. Because of love I became crazy. And because of love I became stronger, that no matter what I experienced or felt in the past, I should and have to remind myself that I deserve to be happy, that I deserve to be love by someone, that I deserve so much better than the pain, hurt or whatever I had experienced from the past. You have to learn from it, you have to grow from it and be wiser. But it’s your choice if to do the same thing again or move on. Let it the past pass, a moment, a history and learn from it. And like this book this is about finding real true love and real true happiness despite from whatever happen in the past and the two characters did it eventually and they are happier and stronger than ever before by leaning and having strength to each other. Ugly Love is one of the beautiful masterpieces ever created. I fell in love with it and you should too!

By the way Nick Bateman got the role to bring Miles Archer comes to life!


Movie Review: Fifty Shades Of Grey


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Fifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic romance novel by British author E. L. James. That traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young billionaire, seductive businessman, yet tormented Christian Grey. The book is known for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring the elements of sexual practices involving bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, and sadism/masochism or BDSM.


Last Febuary 11, 2015 the most anticipated movie of the year finally hit up Trinoma Cinemas and Robinsons Cinemas in the Philippines. The first day was totally jam packed and all the tickets were sold out. And yesterday for the first time I saw the movie with my friend and the line was still the same; long and very stressful, but the funny thing about it was since its an R-18 movie those people who want to see it especially the minors are trying their best to sneak out just to watch it because before they sell you the ticket you need to present an I.D. but unfortunately all the sneaky things that they do wasn’t effective. Another thing was most of the viewers were female and you can hear them say, including me “Finally, we’re going to see Mr. Grey now” and every single one of us was laughing, blushing, excited and most of all curious.

And so it begins…

5 words to describe Fifty Shades Of Grey:
Steamingly Hot
The movie was perfect all the scenes from the book was perfectly executed and achieved. The writing is laughable, but true to the book. If you really pay close attention, you’ll realize that it’s Twilight fan fiction, which the author got her inspiration from. But I’m a little disappointed because some of the scenes, especially from The Red Room Of Pain has a blurry and blocked scenes. I asked a source from France if they have the same scenes and she said there weren’t any of it. I guess they put those because hello Philippines is a Catholic country and we’re “conservative” but whatever at least they showed the movie here, unlike in Malaysia and Indonesia if I’m not mistaken they ban the movie there. But the funny thing about Fifty Shades Of Grey was most of the TV spots and trailer scenes weren’t in the movie and how they made it more funnier than the BDSM aspect. The only thing I don’t like about the movie was Rita Ora’s scenes. They didn’t put much about her character Mia Grey and her acting was dull so far from Mia’s who is energetic, bubbly, and funny and I think they didn’t change her accent too which is a little disappointing. But I loved it how they made Ana a very strong woman that she willingly do ANYTHING for LOVE. Her love for Christian Grey. But I got a little bit dismay when I read a lot of reviews saying that this is the worst movie, that they emphasize the world of BDSM community that Christian’s behavior is satanic and terrible to BDSM Community and to women. Yes, BDSM right there and I don’t know much more of the BDSM Community and I might be wrong about the opinions I have but I am a woman too I respect myself and I respect this people who indulge themselves to this kind of lifestyle too so PLEASE don’t think about the whip, flogger, chains, or the spankings there is so much more from those things. If you read the book you know what I mean for those who didn’t read it just enjoy every scene. The movie is more of a love story. It’s perfect!


H&M Philippines


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Last weekend, October 17, 2014 the day fashion lovers, bloggers, celebrities and H&M lovers have been waiting for is finally here: H&M, the Swedish fashion label, is opening the newest and first store in the Philippines and everyone was so delighted to be the first in line and buy the said brand. I can’t remember any store opening that has been crazier or more anticipated than H&M in the Philippines. Before the Grand Opening at SM Megamall fashion hall, H&M lovers started to camp out just to be on the first line to get in and shop. Also because the 1st in line gets GC worth 6k, next 200 get GCs from 200-5k and limited tote bag. But that’s not all because they also gave away H&M bottled water, Cinnabon rolls, 2k cups of Seattle’s Best Coffee, H&M Fall Issue Magazine, and of course discounts on over 5k selected items. It was a success and world record! But it was hella crazy and tiring too, the line reached up to the parking lot and all of us didn’t care about the hit of the sun, little raindrops, even passing our meals and the long line just to get in, and even the store hours is almost done that day people and H&M lovers are still continue piling up.

I conquered all three floors of H&M at the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall last weekend with my buddy. I spent more than three hours at the store to snap photos and of course, to shop. In the store, you’ll find:

  • First floor: basics, accessories, shoes, lingerie, women’s wear
  • Second floor: women’s casual wear, most of the DIVIDED line, active wear, more accessories, denim
  • Third floor: menswear, children’s wear

I also and absolutely love the interiors! It’s well-lit and reminiscent of expansive art museums and fashion galleries. And it’s like I’m in different country because most of the sales associates and cashiers are foreigners from different countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, America and of course Sweden and its very cool! They are very friendly and very accommodating but I just noticed that they are very strict and so focus on their job and I really admire them for it! I wonder if they are going to stay here for good? Also the opening of the store is the launch of H&M Fall/Winter 2014 Collection.

Here are some of the photos from the Mega Fashion Hall in SM Megamall H&M Grand Opening





Pizza ZOMG!


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It’s another lazy Sunday at home and everyone’s too damn busy on their phones or just sleeping totally doing nothing… and I’m buggin hungry but unfortunately too damn lazy to cook too.

So I did a little “food shopping” on the internet, and hey, what’s the best easy food to eat than a pizza? I already ate way too different pizzas like Yellowcab, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, Shakey’s even local pizza that’s been sold on the street. But this new pizza that I’ve discovered is something new. I never had a 27’’ pizza my entire life and I must say this is a massive piece of God’s gift for my tummy.

The pizza brand called BIG Guys! Pizza HOME OF THE 36’’ pizza. They served 16 kinds of pizza from their classic flavoured pizza to their BIG GUYS specialty. But we ordered one of their best sellers called Super Supreme. It has mozzarella, olives, onion, mushroom, bell pepper, bacon, pepperoni, and pineapple. The texture of their pizza dough is unlike the other pizza. It’s really thin, the crust is crispy and you can fold it like you were eating a shawarma wrap. It has lots of ingredients too, and the slices unlike the triangular shaped pizza this one is a square shaped pizza. You must try it!

For more information you can visit their Facebook page at

or call your nearest BIG GUYS PIZZA for delivery.





October Finds


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October is one of the holiday/celebration month every year, well here in my country. There’s Oktoberfest, semestral break for all students, my brother’s birthday, and of course Halloween Parties. And since October just started I think its nice to buy new clothes too. So last night I went to my favourite thrift shop and look for something to buy. I’ve been obsessed with dresses lately because its easy to wear, very comfortable and I have a feeling that I’m free when I wear one. And this is what I found and bought

Its a Dorothy Perkins black dress made of 100% cotton with semi ruffles design on both sleeves and its really comfortable to wear and soft. Its still in a very good condition. I only bought it for P180. This dress is perfect to wear with a flat shoes or boots (My style. but of course anything shoes will do depends on your style) and for some occasions too like Oktoberfest, concerts or just hanging out with some friends. I like it and this is gonna be on my top list to wear.


The Maze Runner Movie Review


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The movie shows its second week here in the Philippines in all cinemas nationwide and still hundreds of people are lining up to watch it.

About The Maze Runner

If you ain’t scared, you ain’t human.

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, the only thing he can remember is his name. He’s surrounded by strangers—boys whose memories are also gone.

Nice to meet ya, shank. Welcome to the Glade.

Outside the towering stone walls that surround the Glade is a limitless, ever-changing maze. It’s the only way out—and no one’s ever made it through alive.

Everything is going to change.

Then a girl arrives. The first girl ever. And the message she delivers is terrifying.

So last night my sister and I was so excited because finally we’re gonna watch the movie come to life. The first part of the movie was ok when Thomas lifted up to the Glade, I was smiling and happy because that’s literally what I read in the book and what I expected. But the next part got me so disappointed, all I did while watching it was face palming because the movie is so wrong! There are lots of error… actually the movie sucks! I’ll tell you what’s wrong about it.

1. W C K D isn’t spell like this on the book its W I C K E D.

2. Thomas didn’t know his name in the movie. In the book he remember it clearly.

3. In the movie Teresa woke up when she got to the Glade. In the book she woke up almost at the end of the story.

4. In the movie I don’t get it why Teresa didn’t know about her and Thomas and why he knew it was them who did the maze. In the book it should all be Teresa who remembers it.

5. In the movie it rains. In the book it never rains.

6. In the movie it says that they’ve been trying to solve the maze for 3 years. In the book its only 2 years.

7. I don’t get it why Gally is some kind of a good guy and stayed through out the movie. In the book he was gone after the discussion about what Thomas did in the maze because he breaks the number 1 rule.

8. In the movie Ben gets banished in the morning. In the book Ben should be arrowed first on the face by Alby before he gets banish in the evening.

9. In the movie Alby sacrificed himself at the homestead while saving Chuck. In the book he sacrificed himself in the maze while trying their way out.

10. In the movie it didn’t tell about The Changing and Thomas stung himself. In the book he run into a Griever so he can remember and go through The Changing.

11. In the movie Gally killed Chuck using a gun. In the book he was killed by Gally using a knife.

12. In the movie The Creators are shot when Thomas and the other Gladers finally escapeD the maze. In the book The Creators are alive and watching them through a window.

13. In the movie Thomas knew about the “W I C K E D is good.” In the book it was Teresa who knows almost about everything and told him all about it.

14. In the book the Griever hole is supposed to be invisible and only discovered by Thomas and told to Minho while they are sitting on the cliff throwing stones.

15. The codes are combinations of 6 words (float, catch, bleed, death, stiff, push) not numbers and Teresa supposed to type it and Chuck will help her.

16. At the end of the book Thomas and the other Gladers was saved and they were carried into a bus not helicopter.

17. In the book Teresa told that she just pulled the Trigger. I didn’t see or hear it in the movie. In short she knows nothing which is in the book she knows almost everything.

18. The telepathy between Teresa and Thomas wasn’t executed.

19. Where are the beetleblades?

20. Gally should be gone not stayed in the Maze with the other Gladers.

21. The Slumber has windows not just a door and it supposed to be tall.

OMG! I can tell you more but I’m so stressed out like why they can’t execute such little details from the book? Even the word W I C K E D is spelled wrong! I’m so buggin’ disappointed… The movie would be amazing if they stick (at least) on what’s in the book especially the last part of it when they finally escaped the maze and the telepathy should also be executed. It would be more thrilling and exciting! But anyways, there are still few things I like in the movie

1. When Thomas lifted up to the Glade. Just what I expected.

2. The banishing of Ben. Not what I really expected but it was ok. Chris acting was great!

3. Newt’s feet was executed so perfectly! Really kudos to that.

4. When the door of the maze didn’t close and the Grievers attack the Glade. Didn’t expected it to be executed like that because in the book the Grievers get one Glader every night. But its ok at least they show the point of it.

5. The part when Thomas and the other Gladers run into the Grievers to finally escape the maze. That is thrilling!

6. The part when Chuck talked to Thomas asking about his parents. I cried to that part.

7. The part when Chuck died. I literally cried.

So that’s it! But I still recommend it because its really thrilling!




S&R New York style pizzas


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Every weekend my family and I went out to have a family bonding. We love to go places to places and find a new eatery in the metro. Today we discovered a pizza restaurant in Puregold Cubao G. Romulo St., Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City that serves massive pizza and other foods like calzone, burgers, fried chickens, fries, etc. actually they serve MASSIVE amount of food like the TV show Man VS Food. And I was amazed because it’s my first time to see an actual food specifically their pizza that is so massive as a usual-sized paper plate that two people can share in one slice and their extra-large soft drinks can be shared as well and I swear you’ll get full immediately even after a half slice and half cup of their drinks.I also like the service here because it’s fast and efficient and the staffs here are really nice and helpful it’s just that the restaurant itself is too crowded and lots of people are dining in that it took us 20 minutes to get our seats. Over-all this restaurant is now one of my favorite list.

S&R’s pizza is incredibly big, yummy and filling. We ordered 3 different Pizza (Pepperoni Pizza, Cheese Pizza, and Pizza combo) their pizza is oozing with loads of toppings: real beef, olive, onion, pepperoni, green bell pepper and so creamy mozzarella cheese. It is greasy but the moment I took a bite, I really don’t mind. It was so delicious and flavorful especially when dipped in the sauces that come in every order (ketchup, mayo, mustard, pickles, onions and hot sauce) and so here’s what we ordered.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

other photos



for other details about S&R Membership Shopping visit their website here.


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