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So yesterday I met up with some close friends and we hang out at Eton Centris mall. Like the usual hang out with friends we talked and catch up about what’s the latest news with our lives and it’s always the best thing ever in the world. We also took pictures and had a great laugh!

And when its lunch time we decided to eat at Shakey’s Pizza. The ambiance is still the same, people are always friendly and has smile on their faces but the service is still poor but I still love the food. And every month they have a theme for their restaurant and this month it’s all about the 1950s and early 1960s and I’m in love with it! And as we order, our waiter suggested that we get the inspired theme pizza and also because it’s new and worth the try and is definitely perfect because I love the whole package.

This is what we ordered and ate:

Other pictures:

So if you still haven’t tried the pizza go give it a try it’s very yummy!